Frequently Asked Questions

What embroidery formats can you offer ?

Tajima .DST, Tajima .DSB, Tajima .DSZ, Barudan FMC, Barudan FDR , Melco .EXP, Toyota,
All Pfaff formats, ZSK, Viking .HUS, Wilcom[.T01,.T03,.T04,.T05,.T09],Toyota .100, Poem Singer EU
.CSD, Siruba .PLT, Sunstar SWF .SST, Ameco .NEW, Babylock [.PEC,.PES], Bits and Volts .BRO,
Brother[.PHB,.PHC], Compucon .XXX, Datastitch .STX, Elna Xquisite .EMD, Goldthread .GT, Happy
.TAP, Janome[.JEF,.SEW], Juki[.M1,.M2,.M3], Mitsubishi .MIT.

Why don't you offer Melco Cnd or any other kind of outline file?

We always go beyond the outline format and finalize the design in stitch format in order to have
the best result for your sewing experience. Melco CND format allows you to resize the design but
can cause unpleasant surprises if overdone. We stand behind every design digitized by us; we don't
want that happen to you so we will resize (up or down) your logo for up to 20% at no charge.

What is your turn around time?

We deliver all designs within 48hrs.

What artwork format should I send you ?

We can read most of the format out there for Windows platform. Here are some examples: jpeg,
tif, gif, pcx, bmp, jpg, cdr, cpt, ai, eps, pdf, wmf.  

Should I run sample on my machine?

Even though we always do test run before sending out your design, a sample stitchout on your
machine is strongly recommended.  
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